We support your Research Project

NADOE’s members encompass research institutions, researchers, and experts who work on Afghan diaspora, migration, integration, and other Afghanistan-related projects.

NADOE supports and links researchers and research institutions that conduct research, including conducting interviews, data collection, expert interviews with the Afghan diaspora across different members of the European Union and the UK.  

Other projects

Intercultural Mediation Support

Experience and academic literature have shown that in many contexts while working with diaspora and migrant communities, organisations and experts need more than language facilitators or interpreters.

NADOE puts you in contact with professional and experienced intercultural mediators who facilitate the communication (including interpretation) between you and the Afghan migrants/diaspora from different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.

Connecting EU and non-EU institutions with diaspora organisations

Benefiting from the extensive database on Afghan diaspora organisations in Europe, NADOE links the Afghan diaspora organisations with the European Institutions to improve socio-economic cooperation among Afghan and non-Afghan organisations.

Additionally, NADOE and members of NADOE assist EU Institutions, government, and non-government institutions with their projects and policies towards development, humanitarian aid, and democracy support in Afghanistan.

We also facilitate consultancy and provide advisory support on the mentioned topics to our partners and interested entities.

Regional and international collaborations

NADOE works together with other diaspora organisations to gather experience on cases of discrimination against migrants, particularly migrants and asylum seekers from Afghanistan across Europe, and help local organisations to remain resilient in their advocacy against discrimination.

NADOE also provides support for migrants and Afghanistan diaspora communities with their goals for sustainable development, integration, and keeping their original culture alive.

Let’s make something beautiful together.